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What to watch out for during pregnancy?

Are you expecting your dream baby and are afraid something will go wrong? There are a lot of risks, but you can avoid most of them yourself and prevent them with a little care.

The key is a healthy lifestyle. Avoid smoking and larger, regular amounts of alcohol. A glass of wine or a small beer twice a month won’t hurt, but consuming larger amounts of alcohol is definitely not recommended. Smoking or passive smoke are both detrimental to a baby's development, resulting in low birth weight and can lead to breathing difficulties for the baby.

Keep active, but be sensible. If you didn't play sports before pregnancy, this is definitely not the ideal time to start. If you are used to playing sport, regular exercise won’t hurt. However, we recommend you slow down your regime and limit exercises during which you jump or place strain on the abdominal muscles.

Beware of infections. Avoid infectious environments. Whether it's a waiting room full of people with colds or visiting friends who have just had the flu, we recommend postponing these visits. Diet can also be a source of infection. You should avoid eating raw meat, eggs and unpasteurized cheeses during pregnancy.

Other foods. Avoid spicy, hot foods, but also thyme, cinnamon, raspberry or ginger. These foods and herbs can trigger uterine contractions. On the other hand, if you are post-term, these foods are suitable.

Overheating your nether regions is not recommended, especially in the first months when the foetus is very susceptible to changes in temperature. Therefore, avoid hot baths, hot tubs or saunas. An elevated body temperature (38°C) is risky for the foetus.

In case of complications, you can take certain medications, but it is important to consult your doctor about your condition.

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