Gynaecology - Gynet


Gynaecology is not just about treatment, but above all, prevention. At our clinic, we are fully prepared for both.

We offer comprehensive services in this field. In addition to routine gynaecological examinations for adult women up to senior age, we also specialise in paediatric gynaecology. We are a reliable partner for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy – we perform all ultrasound screenings, foetal echocardiography and other examinations. We also focus on oncogynecology, the treatment of incontinence and other problems.

We have a same-day surgical unit, modern consulting rooms, first-class doctors and equipment, friendly and helpful nurses and accommodating staff. We are aware that gynaecological examinations are an intimate matter for every woman, so we approach each patient individually, sensitively, with empathy and understanding, mindful of any embarrassment. We pride ourselves on mutual trust and place particular emphasis on making our patients feel comfortable